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About Jesus Therapy by Tom McQueen

"Jesus Therapy The Best Advice That Money Can’t Buy" is a treasure of Biblical knowledge and wisdom to build faith for continued Christian growth and emotional healing. I highly recommend it as a Christian self-help book, as a reference guide for specific problems in life and as a daily devotional. "Jesus Therapy" truly gives advice that money can’t buy. Each message brings freedom and victory to overcome whatever difficulties in life a person is experiencing.

"Jesus Therapy" can help many Christians make great positive changes in their lives. Tom McQueen, the author, is an experienced licensed marriage and family therapist for over 25 years and president of the American Family Foundation among other great positions he’s held throughout his career. He also has a clear understanding of the scriptures which gives him a unique ability to help people heal from whatever problems they're experiencing.

The format of Jesus Therapy for each chapter is a practical means of well-balanced information that includes related scripture at the begining of each chapter for specific problems, teaching text, and at the end of each chapter, specific counsel and prayer.   

Jesus Therapy provids a positive means of being introspective about one's walk with God without feeling afraid or discouraged. There are many Christians writing books today, but they miss sharing God's love in their messages because they only talk about it. Reading "Jesus Therapy" inspires, teaches and lifts the spirit to a new level of Christian understanding!

Tom McQueen’s gift of writing goes beyond the page and straight to the heart. It brings an accountability for living God’s Word without it seeming a difficult challenge, but something we can and should all accomplish.

Jesus Therapy can be easily purchased today.  Go to Tom McQueen's page to learn more or to order direct from Amazon.com.