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How To Understand The Trinity

This short study is important for all Christians to learn how to work with each part of the triune nature of God.  Learn how to work with The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.  Trying to approach God in a way that isn't based upon scripture will keep you from drawing closer to God.

wh the functions of each, approach God, Understand Him teachesIn this dynamic and effective short study, you'll learn how to work with God His way rather than trying to make Him conform to your understanding or the worlds. The Triune Nature Of God Bible Study by Margaret Lukasik will empower you to learn the fundamentals of the Trinity for a better understanding of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

You won’t find this study anywhere else. It’s presented in a way that makes working with The Father, Son and Holy Spirit a real experience that can become yours for daily living, in ministry leadership and lay endeavors. Every Christian needs to follow God, but that’s not completely possible without an understanding of the Trinity.

Don’t wait to follow God. The time will never come if you put it off! YOU NEED TO CENTER UPON GOD NOW! Waiting will only prolong your blessings, your success in life and your ability to share Salvation with the lost. The is short. You can read it in a few hours and become armed with the true nature of God through His operations!