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Jesus Therapy: The Best Advice Money Can't Buy

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Recently released, Jesus Therapy The Best Advice That Money Can’t Buy is a book that I believe is going to help many Christians make great positive changes in their lives. The author, Tom McQueen, brings much credibility to his book with his experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist for over 25 years and president of the American Family Foundation among other great positions he’s held throughout his career. However, besides his vast experience, I believe that his understanding of the scriptures has given his book great depth and practical guidance that is easy to understand and utilize.

     As an American who has become disappointed that our nation is no longer founded upon Godly values, I believe that Jesus Therapy is an important contribution to the Christian Church and society as a whole.  It contains vital information that teaches moral responsibility along with practical advice to heal the many problems people are facing in a society which causes much stress, loneliness and depression.

   Each chapter shares God's love and offers a sense of great peace with clear direction for achieving each topic that begins with scripture and then ends with a counsel and prayer. It provided me with a positive means of being introspective about my walk with God without feeling afraid or discouraged. There are many Christians writing books today, but they miss sharing God's love in their messages because they only talk about it. Reading Jesus Therapy inspires, teaches and lifts the spirit to a new level of Christian understanding!  

   Tom McQueen’s gift of writing goes beyond the page and straight to the heart. It brings an accountability for living God’s Word without it seeming a difficult challenge, but something we can and should accomplish. His final message is a great blessing that took me by surprise and led me to one of the most beautiful stories of God's love in action that I've ever read.  It's now etched on my mind and heart forever so that I will always be ready to share God's love with others--especially those who need it the most!  Go here to read more.  


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Tom McQueen has the advantage over many advice-givers. His guidance is based on scriptural knowledge and years of working with people who have turned to everyone and everything except Jesus for a resolution to their life’s problems. In Jesus Therapy, Dr. McQueen takes us on a journey to Jesus’ most powerful teachings, and then gives us the resources to achieve higher levels of spiritual and emotional fulfillment.

Patsy L. McLaughlin, MS
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Tom McQueen brings magnified insight into the Bible in these pages. His vision is refreshing, practical and sometimes humorous. Superb examples of prayer not only for seasoned prayer practitioners, but also for those new to the practice. He approaches challenging and deeply difficult subjects through compelling personal experience, honorable example of God's people, and life long reflection. This work is a solid companion for those of us who have lived life in the good and bad times.

Reverend Gregory W. Hager
Pastor, Lutheran Church of the Palms

Tom McQueen has accomplished so much by identifying the many challenges we all face each and every day. But most importantly, he helps us learn how we can meet those challenges by looking to Jesus Christ for the answers.

Mary Miller
Pastoral Ministries Coordinator
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church

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Jesus Therapy is a treasure of Biblical knowledge and wisdom to build faith for continued Christian growth.  I highly recommend it as a Christian self-help book, as a reference guide for specific problems in life and as a daily devotional.  Jesus Therapy truly gives advice that money can’t buy.  Each message brings freedom and victory to experience God's blessings everyday. Go here to learn more.  

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